Wing LE, Spar 1-2 structure

All main structure between spars 1-2 has now been fitted and drilled off. The main truss ribs have been spot faced for a perfectly flat face for the bolt heads to contact on.


A more general view showing the MLG mounts, #1 spar with ribs, and the trusses. The string line is constantly checked to ensure alignment in the jig.


Here is a view of the general layout of the trusses used in the high load area of the landing gear mount. The spot facing of the bolt holes is clear to see on the tapered flanges of the trusses.


Shown here is the string line used to represent the cord line of the wing. Everything references back to this line in mid-air, including measurements and angles etc. Also seen in this photo are several stringers. The one to the right of the photo has half rounds machined in it to clear the 3x machine guns in each wing. Because of the cut-outs, there is a doubler added to ensure the stringer has not been weakened. This is all done as per the original samples we have as well as to the Curtiss drawings we reference to.