RH wing Leading edge riveting

As shown in the photos you can see all stringers, ribs and doublers have been riveted to the skins, the inboard and outboard skins have been joined together.


General view of wing leading edge skins. The inboard has been joined with the outboard skin by riveting.


The LE ribs and stringers can be seen in place. The tops of the ribs must all be at the same level and angle to accept the #1 Spar.


This doubler is under the MLG fairing, and therefore the rivets are raised head as they are not subjected to the slipstream. Of note here, the silver looking rivets around the hole to the LH side of the photo are holding the MLG indicator rod phenolic rubbing block. They are steel semi tubular types as originally used by Curtiss. They were used as they will not expand and split the phenolic block.