Cockpit controls

These 3 different controls all work in a similar way but each have different features that make them unique from each other. These three controls are the units located in the cockpit for the; Carburetor alternate air, Park brake and the Cabin air control.

IMG 20230915 131544

Here are the results after hours of restoration effort. There is still the Cadmium plating and final assembly to go. This hopefully helps to emphasize the degree of work required to restore these relatively small parts of a P-40E project. 

IMG 20230915 131713

Here are most of the components for the cabin controls. Included are some of the duplicates we have as donor parts to assist with the restorations. Visible in the lower middle are x3 of the lock washers, these have a "D" shape hole which slides over the flats on their respective shafts. 

IMG 20230915 131754

Carb alternate air control assembly. This is in the as supplied state. This is a good example of many of the original components supplied and which will all fly again in this P-40E once put through the restoration process.