Trial fit of hydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump/battery shelf trial fitted to the fuselage, the hydraulic pump was then trial fitted to the shelf. The pump was fitted to determine location so the plumbing of the hydraulic system can be carried out. The unions were found to be incorrect, so they were machined to match original examples.

20230427 153850

Hydraulic pump and mounting shelf fitted to fuselage. The red line behind is a cord run in place of the control cables. This is to ensure the hyd pipes wont interfere once built and fitted out.

20230427 133414

Upon closer inspection the inlet and outlet pipe fittings were of the incorrect sizes. 

20230427 140129

The logical solution was to use the bodies of these fittings and machine them to take the correct size screw in fittings. This ensures the 'fitting to pump body' sealing system remains standard. The body has been drilled out and here is being taped to the correct NPT thread size.