Together we are the Dutch Warbird Foundation. We were formed by a dedicated group of Dutch pilots and businessmen with a common passion: Dutch historical aviation. This passion is bundled together with a common goal which is formalised with the establishment of the DWF (Dutch Warbird Foundation). That common goal being, to keep historical Dutch military aircraft flying in European skies.

 Next to this common goal we wish to contribute more. We hope to become something bigger than ourselves. DWF will endeavour to become a binding factor between other organisations, foundations, and individuals. In short, all who are passionate about Dutch historical aviation and legacy aircraft having a long-term future. We hope to bring people of all ages and walks of life together, to promote, inspire, educate and to help maintain and keep our common aviation heritage accessible to all. We are caretakers of the past with the responsibility and duty for continuation in the future.

OUR team

The founding members of the Dutch Warbird Foundation

Stephen van Dijck
Marcel Lindenberg
Martin Schoonderbeek
Jeroen de Vogel
Lex Versteeg

Board Dutch Warbird Foundation

Martin Schoonderbeek | Board / Chairman
Jeroen de Vogel | Board / Secretary
Stephen van Dijck | Board / Flight OPS
Marcel Lindenbergh | Board / Communications
Gert van de Haar | Board / Treasurer