On the other side of the world

Our aircraft is being restored by the experts at Pioneer Aero located at Ardmore Airfield in Auckland New Zealand. Pioneer Aero is an international award-winning company with a long and stellar reputation specializing in war bird restorations. Our P-40 being the 14th restoration of this type by Pioneer Aero.

Fuselage, control surfaces and cockpit

The fuselage, wings, tail, and control surfaces are progressing well. You can view this yourself on the many videos and photo material on this site. It is a very labour intensive and time-consuming process, during which, as far as economically feasible, original components are painstakingly repaired and fully restored for inclusion. Where this is not possible other parts are purchased or remanufactured. The same applies to the cockpit. Whilst endeavouring to maintain originality it will be fitted out to comply with the current airworthiness and operational requirements. 


How long before we have her up and flying? It’s a question you undoubtably have, as do we. There are many complexities and challenges ahead, but our intention is to have her in the Netherlands skies in the latter part of 2024.