We are making History

How are we doing this? By keeping the history of the P-40 alive and accessible. We are restoring a P-40E to fly again in Dutch skies. The restoration process is a multi-facetted, meticulous task of searching for parts, restoring, and building. Step by step the aircraft is taking form. We will fly her, display her, and ensure accessibility for all. We are recreating a part of Dutch aviation history by adding a new chapter to that history.


Our dream goes further: Not only will she be displayed and made accessible to the public, but you will be able to fly her as well. Join us, dream our dream, share in our vision.


Latest update of the restoration of the Curtiss P40.


Why the P40 in Dutch military service is worth remembering.


Read all about the restoration of this ambitious project.

Follow us on our journey

As you can imagine the process of a complete and perfect restauration is the domain of experts. Pioneer Aero, a world renown, extremely experienced Warbird restoration company, with a long history of quality and service, are our partners. Pioneer AeroWhere are they situated? On the other side of the world, in New Zealand.

Interested in following this specialised restoration process? Even from a distance you can follow the project from home. We provide regular updates with photos and videos. Join in our vision and passion, experience the setbacks, the successes, and immerse yourself in this unique project. Travel with us as the dream becomes reality.

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