Tailwheel doors

This is a series of photos showing the work on the tailwheel doors, from parts to near complete.

20230323 085017

This is the LH outer skin of the tailwheel door trial fitted to the opening of the fuselage. Visible is the heavy hinge used and shows the gap in the middle of the hinge where the hinge pins are able to be inserted or removed to service the area. A straight edge bar is used to ensure the doors are true to the fuselage when closed as the doors are being built. 

20230405 162234

Looking up into the fuselage with the tail wheel doors hanging open. Of interest is the tail leg attach fitting on frame #13 low in the picture. Also visible is the retract ram, upmost in the picture, then there are the phenolic guides fitted for various control cable runs on frame #14. 

20230405 162223

The doors fitted and held closed. Just visible to the upper of the picture is the aft jacking pad. This is a Cadmium plated steel fitting.