Oil Tank Cover Frames

This is the frame of the oil tank cover that sits just forward of the windshield.


General view of oil tank bay with cover frame and bows being fitted. To the right is the fwd armour plate and to the left is the engine bay firewall. 


A view of the flanged hole in the corner brace. This one piece is reasonably complex in that it has the flange folded at 90 degrees down, 3 sides are folded down for the riveting flanges, has a joggle for the hinge with rubber seal to fit and all with a constant curve to match the radius of the fuselage topside. Still to be done are the Dzus receptacle holes for the securing studs! 


Detail of the attention required for the "right" fit. Note the countersink head screws, these will sit into dimples pressed into the frames and skins when complete.